Sunday, October 4, 2009




It had been a boring day so far. With the rain Gods showing no mercy at all, the outdoors had been washed over by the ragged stream. This rain-frenzy had driven Rishi, Arsh and Chetan into “hibernation” into their homes, a recluse they seldom visited but for the meals and their short nocturnal “slumbers”. The trio had exhausted every possible avenue of entertainment, be it baking cakes, cooking pasta (trust me, no tomatoes, please!), Orkutting, Facebooking, and even (sigh!) writing a novel.

With the rain showing no signs of taking a recess break, boredom had engulfed the room. The empty Pepsi bottles and boxes of Dominoes pizzas, accompanied with the ever scintillating Pink Floyd music made the atmosphere drowsy.

“We could do something, guys, instead of just lazing around the room sluggishly like leaches,” said a bored Arsh. “Yeah, like going to the loo and washing down those pizzas and Pepsis. I’m game for that,” chimed Rishi. “Hey guys,” piped in Chetan, “why don’t we all tell stories. We can choose a topic, and then start telling stories. It’ll be fun. Why don’t you start, Rishi, you’ve got the wildest tales, with an unusual snappish humour!.”

“Oh, now that you do mention it, I had this maid, who……………………………………”

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