Sunday, October 4, 2009


So, people, here we are..... a trio, filled with life, and the desire to write, and express ourselves, to the BIG BIG world out there (er... wasn't it supposed to be small world..).
We started writing soon after our Board exams, and I must confess, that was the best time we guys have ever had.
It was especially more important, because of the fact that one of us was going away to college, not that we detested it, after all, not everyone gets into the SRCC! But then again, life goes on. The Second Musketeer is soon joining her at SRCC (but i'm sure it'll be Stephen's), while the Third aspires to become an engineer.
Writing is a passion for each one of us, and writing these particular "snippets" gave us the joy of our lives. We hope you, as a reader also like them.
With high hopes,
Signing off,

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  1. :) OMG still cant beliveev things are wurking out.....arsh we cn still do IT!